Sunday, August 17, 2008

One Local Summer wk 11: savory cheesecake

one local summerI knew I had to make something special (read: with a picture) since last week was all about the non-photogenic leftovers, but it has been HOT HOT HOT for the last few days and turning on the oven sounded like a terrible idea. But I didn't think I could get away with saying I've had One Local Salad and plenty of local water every day. That's just not in the spirit of the challenge. However, it is true that I have had One Local Sald and plenty of local water every day.

One Local Summer wk 11: standard meat 'n' potatoes (and corn) Early in the week, when I wasn't sure if I would manage something special, I snapped a picture of a mundane—but typical and good—dinner of cube steak, potatoes, and corn. The steak is from Eaton Beef (Colton, WA - 10mi) and the corn is from a vendor at the farmer's market in Moscow (unknown farm) and the POTATOES, oh the potatoes...they're from our trip to the Fanky Farm in Warden, WA. Warden is just over 100mi in the car, but it is within 100mi as the crow flies (on this map, Warden is slightly east of Othello). I picked those potatoes out of the ground and they were awesome. There's nothing else in this meal except a little salt and pepper. I could eat this every day of the week.

But I didn't.

One Local Summer wk 11: honey rhubarb bettyI did, however, make up a Honey Rhubarb Betty—not for dinner, although I think I might have eaten some for dinner one day...good stuff!

- rhubarb: Santa Creek Farm, St. Maries, ID (70mi) via the Co-op (8mi)
- butter: Rosauers brand (Spokane-ish, Inland NW cows), purchased in Moscow (8mi)
- honey: Harvard Honey Bees, Princeton, ID (28mi), via the Co-op (8mi)
- bread: Moscow Co-op bread made with Shepherd's Grain flour (8mi)
- not local: 1/4 C of sugar (I cut it from 3/4 C), 1t nutmeg, dash salt

But the signature dish for the week is a recipe from 101 Cookbooks for Zucchini Ricotta Cheesecake. I love anything with ricotta in it, and a savory cheesecake sounded like a spectacular idea. Below are photos of the whole thing, plus a photo of just a slice of it. The slice didn't last very long...maybe 30 seconds before I gobbled it down. Mmm mmm good. Click through for larger images.
One Local Summer wk 11: zucchini ricotta cheesecake (whole)
whole cheesecake
One Local Summer wk 11: zucchini ricotta cheesecake (slice)
slice of cheesecake

- zucchini: Affinity Farm, Moscow ID (8mi)
- ricotta: made by me from Rosauers brand milk (Spokane-ish, Inland NW cows), purchased in Moscow (8mi)
- cougar gold cheese: WSU Creamery, Pullman, WA (2mi)
- onion: Fanky Farm, Warden WA (see above)
- garlic: Pokey Creek Organics in Santa, ID (60mi), purchased at the Moscow Farmers Market (8mi)
- dill: Santa Creek Farm, St. Maries, ID (70mi) via the Co-op (8mi)
- eggs: Troyer's in Potlatch, ID (25mi), via the Co-op (8mi)
- not local: salt, olive oil

I changed it up just a little bit to keep it local. I used all Cougar Gold instead of parm and goat cheese, swapped out onion for shallot, and I nixed the lemon. I don't think these changes hurt one bit.

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