Friday, August 8, 2008

small things are always cute. always.

I am sure that these photos adhere to several Rules of Cuteness, but I leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine the matches. Personally, I think they all adhere to the meta-rule that "all small things are cute."

On Wednesday, we took a road trip into the Blank. The Blank is the name given to the large stretch of nothingness between Pullman and (in this case) Warden, WA. Seriously: check it out on the map. I described the drive like this: leave Pullman, go to Colfax, hang a left, drive for 100 miles in a straight line, turn right, then turn left after the cemetery and you will reach a house with a yard full of small things: chickens, turkeys, pigs, baby cow, a garden, and a passel of cute kids. I was right!

Here are some photos. Click images to embiggen—it's worth it for the cuteness.

Fanky Farm Visit 08/08 - kitten
I refrained from taking this kitten home with me, but it was difficult.
Fanky Farm Visit 08/08 -  baby cow
Baby Cow was awesome. He's like a Holstein dog.
Fanky Farm Visit 08/08 - french toast
This chicken is called "French Toast"—the chickens are named after things eggs make.
Fanky Farm Visit 08/08 - watermelon
Even watermelons are adorable when small.
Fanky Farm Visit 08/08 - baby cow
More cow(bell). Baby Cow took a shine to Karen.

There are a few more photos in my photoset, and bunch more in Jim's photoset.