Sunday, April 20, 2008

in the home stretch

Tomorrow represents the first day of the final week of my first year in the PhD program. After this week, I will have only 4 courses to take (next year: 2/2), exams (Fall '09) and my diss year. Although in years I'm only 1/4 through, it feels like so much more since it was 64% of my coursework.

But this post is not my retrospective of my first year.

Nor is it my explanation of the week of awesomeness I mentioned a few weeks ago.

Those posts will have to wait until this semester is put to bed.

But everything is lovely. I look forward to having the time to return to the gym, to hike around on the weekends, to visit California in a month or so (ALA conference just happens to be there), and to start revising a few papers and working up some conference proposals. You know, like a good little scholar...

In totally unrelated news, I was reading through some stuff on my old blog, and realized that some of it was pretty interesting and useful (mostly back in 05 and thereabouts). I was looking for some stuff I had written 3 or 4 years ago about using little pieces of technology, because some people still think it's "new" and asked me to explain it. Yeah, there's just a little tinge of sarcasm or something in that sentence. But that's for another day.