Monday, January 8, 2007

mwrowr mwrowr mwrowr mwrowr

kitty jail"mwrowr mwrowr mwrowr mwrowr..." That's all I hear right now as the cats are firmly ensconced in their little crates because the handyman is here.

Turns out the inadvertent practice day was a good thing. Deuce only meowed for a few minutes until she settled into the back of the crate and tried to make herself invisible from the strangers in the house. Max, on the other hand, he's being a loudmouth and for no good reason other than to be annoying.

And oh, how annoying he is... But hey, at least it's not both of them.

They'll be pissed off later, but not tremendously so. The workers who will be here tomorrow to work in the bathroom (on the shower/tub thing) can do so with one of the bathroom doors closed. That way, I can just lock the cats in the bedroom and not their crates. They won't need to go back in their crates again until the flooring guys come in a few weeks.