Wednesday, January 3, 2007

kitty stress

Mr. Handyman is on his way here to do some work—rip out a vanity and replace it with a new one, hook up some plumbing, that sort of thing. Unfortunately, he will be working in the rooms typically reserved for holding my cats when workmen are here. If he didn't need to go in and out of the house during this time, I'd just let the cats run free. For Max, that would mean hanging out and watching the workman. For Deuce, that would mean hiding under the covers and pretending the scary stranger didn't exist. No big deal.

But, with all of the trips in and out of the house today (and on the flooring day sometime in the next few weeks), the cats are in their crates.

Max is fine with it. He doesn't particularly enjoy it, but he's quietly pissed off. He's made several trips across the country, after all, including one in an airplane (never again).

But Deuce? Poor thing. She's crying like I've left her on the side of the road, never to return. It's particularly heart-wrenching. She's fine, of course, and will settle down soon (I hope). It's only been 17 minutes. The crying is slowing down. She has a blanket in the crate, so hopefully when the stranger does come in the house she'll realize that the crate is actually a good option for her, and she'll hide herself under the blanket in the crate.

I'm looking at today (and flooring day) as training days for the inevitable car trip to wherever I move. You can understand why I hope I only have to go to Davis (1.5 hrs away) and not any of the other places (8-12+ hours away). With the exception of one school, everywhere is within a day's drive. That was specifically planned...

update after 28 minutes: it's quiet. Let's hope this continues for a few more hours.

update #2 I let them out of their crates. There was a miscommunication with Mr. Handyman. We get to do this all again on the 8th! But the good news is that Deuce doesn't hate me. In fact, she's now sitting on her crate. Go figure.

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