Wednesday, January 24, 2007

dear semester, thanks for the structure!

Approximately five hours after I wrote the previous post begging for the semester to begin so that I would have some structure, the English Dept. admin called me. She offered me a second section of 1A. There's a rule in my household: never turn down an opportunity to make money (as long as it's legal and reasonable).

So, at this moment I am sitting in an empty classroom, handing out add codes to any students who happen to know that a section of comp was created just yesterday. I'm impressed that four people have dropped by already. What will likely happen is that I'll be giving out add codes via email between now and Monday, and probably will give some out in person on Monday as well.

The downside is that this class loses a day of my brilliant instruction (ha!). While we'll start immediately in my T/Th class (tomorrow), this class doesn't really "start" until Monday. No big deal, though.

I now have structure coming out the wazoo. MTWTh: get up at typical early hour (3:47am), do WORK until 7am, go to class and teach until 8:45 (except T when I stay at school until noon, in my office), come home and do WORK things until 5 or so, then be sure to eat something. Spend 2-3 hours work on language study and thesis (alternate days). Fridays: WORK, then rest in the evening. Saturdays and Sundays are thesis-writing days unless there are essays to grade, in which case one day will be essay-grading day and one day will be thesis-writing.

My thesis is due to my second and third readers around the 15th of March, so yeah...that's 10 pages per week for the next six weeks (or so).

Hooray, structure!