Friday, November 21, 2008

go go gadget time machine

It's that time of the semester when grad students everywhere are furiously pulling together seminar papers during that "vacation time" we have around the end of November. At least that's what I'm doing...

I'm also grading like a madwoman. I plan to grade through the weekend (it helps that this year's Apple Cup is between the 0-10 UW Huskies and the 1-10 WSU Cougars, hence this year's unofficial name, the "Crapple Cup," and my complete lack of interest in it, which is saying something because I love me some football) and then work like crazy on my seminar papers. I have a draft of one due on the 1st, and a presentation on the other on the 2nd, with the final versions due two weeks hence.

I feel a lot better about these things than I did at this time last year. Then again I only have two instead of three and a language exam like last year. Then again, I wasn't teaching three classes last year, so it should be a wash. But whatever...could just be that I've learned some stuff between then and now!

It's hard to imagine that I only have two courses left in my PhD program. Seems like only yesterday I was deciding between Davis and WSU, and here I am starting to work on exam lists and a rough idea for a dissertation. That's pretty cool.

But before I get too far ahead of myself, I have to finish up these papers...and for that I would really like that magical calendar or time machine or whatever that gives me three or four hours for every actual hour in the day.