Saturday, August 23, 2008

One Local Summer wk 12: frittata

one local summerThis has been a busy week. The semester starts on Monday and this week has been all about orientation and welcoming activities for the new folks (they seem great so far!) as well as last-minute preparations for classes. Tomorrow my pals and I are going out for one last extravaganza (we're going to play BINGO all day. seriously.) so I knew that I had to get my OLS post up today.

I've been grazing on salads and fruit and what not all day, so I wasn't hungry for a multiple-item meal. I just made a frittata and ate a big slice of it. But it was a really, really good slice. The pre-sliced version appears below.

One Local Summer wk 12: frittata with corn, potato, onionMmmmm....eggy cheesy corn and potato goodness with an onion thrown in there for good measure. This is an adaptation of the Frittata with Corn, Scallion, and Potato recipe from Serious Eats. I swapped onion for scallion, yellow and red potatoes for a russet, and used Cougar Gold (duh!) instead of mozzarella. I also ended up with too much mixture for my skillet and ended up baking some of the mixture in a ramekin. I actually liked the baked version better, but perhaps it was just the ability to scoop out of the ramekin rather than eat a slice off a plate. Either way, it was super good.

- potatoes: Fanky Farm, Warden WA (w/in 100mi as the crow flies, and I dug 'em out of the ground)
- eggs: Troyer's in Potlatch, ID (25mi), via the Co-op (8mi)
- corn: unknown farm name/location, bought from them at the Moscow Farmers Market (8mi)
- onion: Affinity Farm, Moscow ID (8mi)
- garlic: Pokey Creek Organics in Santa, ID (60mi), purchased at the Moscow Farmers Market (8mi)
- cougar gold cheese: WSU Creamery, Pullman, WA (2mi)
- dill: Santa Creek Farm, St. Maries, ID (70mi) via the Co-op (8mi)

not local: oil, salt, pepper

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