Sunday, August 10, 2008

One Local Summer wk 10: leftovers

one local summerThe sausage/veggies/pasta meal from last week was good for many meals this week. Also, I was happy to have a local salad (greens, carrots, cucumbers, eggs, cheese, dressing) every day, and on one day (a particularly trying day) I'm pretty sure all I ate was ice cream from Ferdinand's.

In other words, I don't have a "showcase" dish to share but I ate local pretty damn near every day this week. The weekends are when I make my special local meal for the challenge, and I was gone all day yesterday (a grand Bingo excursion) and will be out of the house for a chunk of time today (going to meet Rhonda for lunch), so my report of local leftovers and salads will have to do.

I did get a bunch of stuff at the farmer's market yesterday though, and look forward to cooking it up this week. My stash includes a quart of huckleberries—those things are like gold! I believe there are baked goods in my future...

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