Sunday, August 10, 2008

my friends are traveling around the world

My friends (and Trout's friends) Dawn and Adam have quit their jobs and are spending the next year traveling around the world. Their first stop was in Rarotonga and now they are in New Zealand. After that it's Australia for a month, then, the UK for two weeks, Europe in general for two months, Argentina for two months, and South America in general from February until who knows.

After every sentence I've written here, I've added "the bastards" under my breath. It's a good thing we really like these people otherwise their good fortune would really be too much to take. Ha.

Anyway, they've taken an EeePC along and have a travel blog that's pretty good and funny: An excerpt from a recent post is particularly lovely:
Stepping back from this touching scene makes me realize that it was not all that long ago when I finally started admitting to Adam that I do, in fact, on occasion, defecate, and that perhaps at this particular moment in time he may want to steer clear of the bathroom. I spent the first year of our courtship plotting our meetings around my bathroom schedule and sweating over the times when things got thrown out of whack. Now he was picking through my hair like a monkey. This is how things go when you live together which is what we are doing now. Living together. And it's not the cute kind of living together where we have a loft in The City furnished with kicky Ikea furniture located right down the street from that great independent book store and the coffee house that we go to every Thursday where they have amazing live jazz.
True dat. They're in a campervan with a leak!