Friday, August 15, 2008

a good office is hard to find

A Good Office: recliner, fridge, microwaveI did not have a good office last year. It was small, had no window, and my officemate was...not someone I really wanted to be around. It was decorated in such a way that I was uncomfortable making any changes (such as adding my own stuff). I spent very little time in my office—like none, actually. Only when students made appointments with me did I ever go to my office.

But you see, I had grand visions of coming to grad school and moving my books into my office and doing schoolwork in the office and just generally being in an academic atmosphere and feeling happy about it. That didn't happen last year. I was sad.A Good Office: lots of books and stuff

However, this year, and for the next three, I have an awesome office. It's big, has a window that looks out over a particularly pretty part of campus, has good shelf space, and—best of all—comes with a great officemate. Oh yeah, and we have a recliner, a fridge, and a microwave. Party in Avery 381!

I've finally moved all my important stuff into my office. Besides books and papers in the appropriate places, I put up a clock, and some prints from Tiny Showcase. Also, some of Chris Clarke's photos are on the door. It's a very welcoming place, and it makes us both happy to be here (she had her share of not-so-hot office experiences last year).

A Good Office: action figure PoeAnd, like a good little scholar of 19th C American stuff, my action figure Poe (with detachable raven) sits on my shelf and watches over me.