Saturday, August 30, 2008

a day in the life of Mini the Cat

Some of you might recall when Mini the Cat came to live with us (us = me and the two other cats). She has been here almost a year, so I figured it was time for an update on how this little ball of fluff spends her days.

First, though, I would like to note that this little cat is The Cat Who Makes All Cat-Haters Love Cats. Seriously. She's very special. Also, she is very small. She truly is all fur. She is also absolutely precious.

She is also rarely called by her given name, Mini. Instead, she is known in these parts as "Pants" because she sashays and is furry and it looks like she is wearing pantaloons.

Anyway, her days are spent thusly (click to embiggen):

A Day in the Life of Mini 1/5She spends most of her time hanging out with me on my table/desk. Like me, she loves Keen bags. But if I stand up or make any sort of move, she perks up: "What's that, human? You are up and walking toward...the bathroom, perhaps?"
A Day in the Life of Mini 1/5Mini loves the bathroom. It is her favorite place. She will race you to it. Here she has already run ahead of me and is waiting patiently for me to continue walking toward the bathroom.
A Day in the Life of Mini 3/5I've pissed her off a little bit because I am still standing in the hallway. But I wanted to get a picture that features her pantaloons.
A Day in the Life of Mini 4/5Once we get to the bathroom, this is what she does. She sticks her head under the faucet so that the water dribbles off her head and only then will she drink it. When she is finished drinking, she it typically soaking wet...well, her head is anyway. Apparently no one told her that cats are not big fans of water.
A Day in the Life of Mini 5/5
When she has had her fill,
she returns to the table/desk and takes a nap.
She naps and naps until she sees
the human walking toward the bathroom again...

Repeat all day.