Sunday, July 27, 2008

self-imposed exile of sorts

Three weeks ago I mentioned that days are flying by something like this: get up, work, teach, work, sleep a little/sweat a lot, fit some food in there at times.

It's true. I've been finishing up a (non-academic) writing dealybob and am almost finished. Like "two days from now" almost finished. Then I will have 3.5 weeks to do all the stuff I was really going to do this summer (re: school/academic activities).

But I've been doing a good job of sticking to my self-imposed exile. I haven't opened my new computer yet, the one I got two months ago and said I wouldn't touch until all my stuff was done. Grrr. I also haven't seen any movies (in a year, actually, but I really really really want to see the new Batman and also the X-Files movie).

What I have been doing, other than the work and the teaching and freshman placement exam reading and taking my cat to the vet (it's bad news but I'll write about that later) is having a wonderful time with my friends and with food.