Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Local Summer wk6: pasta

one local summerI only managed to make one "new" all-local meal this week, but throughout the week I had an all-local salad for lunch almost every day, or breakfasts made with local eggs and toast and jam. You might notice a theme; my "maintenance" meals tend to be the same until I get really bored (takes some time to get to that point) or I run out of food. I have so much work to do that I haven't had time to sit down and make large batches of new foods, so I'm just maintainin'.

I did have a wonderful time yesterday at the Moscow Farmers Market, because a bunch of us went together and did all our shopping. Hooray for carpooling, canvas bags, seeing several other members of our department, and purchasing a bunch of local vegetables and beef. It was a good day. I was able to introduce the Trout family and Toria to the farmers I like, and the Trouts were able to give Toria the lecture on removing high fructose corn syrup from her life. It rocked her world a little bit, but we're all working on her to make that change.

One Local Summer wk 6: spinach and ricotta lasagnaAnyway, the special meal I made this week was spinach and ricotta lasagna. I highly recommend visiting that website for a great photo. Mine is...blurry and contrasty and doesn't show the layers and general awesomeness. It was really tasty.

I made the pasta from scratch, as well as the ricotta. Go me!

- eggs: Hufford Farm, Deary, ID (33mi), via the Co-op (8mi)
- flour: Shepherd's Grain (Columbia Plateau farmers, Spokane mill/distributor), via the Co-op (8mi)
- onion: from the Moscow Farmers Market (8mi), didn't get the name of the farm
- spinach: Pokey Creek Organics in Santa, ID (60mi), via the Moscow Farmers Market (8mi)
- ricotta: made by me from Rosauers brand milk (Spokane-ish, Inland NW cows), purchased in Moscow (8mi)
- milk: Rosauers brand (Spokane-ish, Inland NW cows), purchased in Moscow (8mi)
- cougar gold cheese: WSU Creamery, Pullman, WA (2mi)
- not local: nutmeg, olive oil

I also just remembered that since I had the pasta roller out, and some pasta left over, I made some more ravioli and filled them with the beet filling from last week's Red Casunziei. I'll have those tomorrow, perhaps. Also in the fridge are a bunch of greens that I'll probably sauté and throw in with some potatoes (local), or maybe risotto (non-local), and more salads (local), and some deli meat (local) and some chicken (regional, not local)...boy do I eat well...

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