Wednesday, July 9, 2008

birthday cupcakes

birthday cupcakesToday is Beth's birthday. She's our Asst. Dir. of Composition, and she's really awesome. There's also a freshman placement exam reading session today, which means that a bunch of people will be in one room for several hours—including Beth. So I figured what's a girl to do besides make cupcakes? Exactly.

Luckily I asked Beth what she likes and it turns out she doesn't like chocolate, so it's a good thing I asked since she would have gotten the cupcake version of Shuna Fish Lydon's yellow cake with chocolate frosting (because I love it so much). Since chocolate was out, I said "what about cherry?" because I knew the cherries were good 'round here. She likes cherry, so cherry it is.

I made the Cherry-Vanilla cupcakes from Chockylit's Cupcake Bakeshop blog. I used local ingredients when I could (milk, flour, eggs, butter, fresh cherries) but the sugar, salt, and vanilla, and maraschino cherries are not local. So it's half-local. It's all good.

I had to take some cupcakes over to Toria and Lauren's apartment last night so they could verify the cupcakes were ok for public consumption. I figured they would be, but my taste buds were overwhelmed by the tasting of ingredients that when I tried a whole cupcake I really couldn't tell if it was ok or not. It was. They confirmed. Hopefully Beth will like them!