Tuesday, June 3, 2008

what can't be fixed by a strawberry & nutella crepe?

Not much, let me tell you. [click below to embiggen]
strawberry & nutella crepe 1/3strawberry & nutella crepe 2/3strawberry & nutella crepe 3/3
The three images above represent sheer restraint on my part. I was sharing this crepe with someone and she walked away to talk to someone else right as we got our crepe. I was raised with some sort of manners that say you can't start eating until everyone is sitting there and has their food, so I had a condundrum on my hands. No, actually, I had an awesome-looking strawberry & nutella crepe on my hands. Look at it!

Let me back up a bit. You see, my buddy Michelle was with me at a conference in San Francisco last week. The highlight for her was going to be a panel on "her gal," as I like to call "Margaret Fuller" (that's who Michelle works on, much like Muir is known as "my guy"). Well, I went to that panel too, and I had to leave hafway through because it was not so good due to one fellow running roughshod over the rules of conference presentations and what not (and I was really tired). Michelle stayed to the bitter end, and when we found each other after the panel it became clear that some comfort food was in order.

So we walked around the corner to Crepe & Curry, one of the little to-go eateries in the Embarcadero Center. One side of the place does crepes, the other side does curries, and never the two shall meet. If you're interested, you can read my review on Yelp. From the sweet portion of the menu (savory was saved for another day), we decided that strawberry and nutella was the way to go.

We ordered. It arrived. And then, out of the corner of her eye, Michelle spotted one of the super awesome scholars in the Fuller field and decided she was going to go talk to her.

I sat there with the crepe.

Eventually, I made a little cut, just to see what it all looked like. I contemplated eating some, then thought about that waiting-for-your-friend rule.

I waited. I could see them talking outside...and walking around...and talking some more. Come ON, I thought. There's crepe to be had! So what if this is your one and only chance ever to talk to this relatively frail emeritus professor? Pshaw.

Now, of course I would have done the same thing in her shoes, but I was hungry. Eventually, I just couldn't resist. I ate my half and dutifully left the rest for her.

I wanted to eat the whole damn thing.