Sunday, June 29, 2008

One Local Summer wk4: no pictures edition

I didn't have the opportunity to make a special local meal and take a photo, but that doesn't mean I didn't eat local food all week—in fact, I did. Since my pantry and fridge contains local staples, I ate a lot of all-local salads (see last week's post, under "salady things") and sandwiches (fried egg, cheese, sometimes together, sometimes not).

This past week was different than previous weeks because I was ultra busy (instead of just regular busy) and it's really hot out (I don't like to cook lots of things when it is 95+ outside). I also had several meals in restaurants for specialish occasions.

This upcoming week I will continue to eat all-local salads and sandwiches, and I want to make some homemade pasta with veggies. We'll see what happens. But this week wasn't a bust—there just wasn't something "special" that I can point to and say "look at the fancy/funky thing that just happens to be all-local." Instead, it was "just" something like "oh hey look, local foods fully integrated into my life." Hooray!

p.s. it's too bad otter pops aren't local, because I've also been eating a lot of those recently.