Sunday, June 15, 2008

One Local Summer wk2: Gnocchi in Béchamel sauce with Spinach

One Local Summer wk2: Gnocchi in Béchamel sauce with SpinachHere we have a relatively non-photogenic, yet very tasty, "spotlight" local meal for the week. In my post below I mentioned that in reality the majority of my meals now come from local sources, as I am slowly but surely switching my pantry/fridge to local foods when available.

one local summerThat means that over the course of the week, my breakfast omelets have all used local eggs, butter, spinach, and cheese, my sandwiches tend toward grilled cheese (with various fruit or veggie extras), if I want toast with butter and jam it's all local, and so on. My freezer has a bunch of local ground beef, and there are plenty of local potatoes in the cupboard.

So what did I do today? I made pasta.

- potatoes, still the specifically unidentified ones from last week, from a box at the Co-op (8mi) stamped "local"

- egg, from Troyer's in Potlatch, ID (25mi), via the Co-op (8mi)

- flour, from Shepherd's Grain (Columbia Plateau farmers, Spokane mill/distributor)

- butter and milk, from Darigold/Inland Northwest Dairies (Spokane-ish)

- flour, from Shepherd's Grain

- spinach, from Pokey Creek Organics in Santa, ID (60mi), purchased at the Moscow Farmers Market (8mi)

- salt, pepper, nutmeg: not local.


Doesn't get more basic than this, and I proclaim it good eats. Next week I will make something more photogenic...I might even have a salad! (I am not such a big fan of leafy salads, but I am trying to incorporate them into my life.)

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