Sunday, June 1, 2008

one local summer - a bad start for me

one local summerI've been waiting for the first week of the One Local Summer challenge for weeks now.

I was ready to come out of the gate with my eight thousand different things you can do with lentils and/or potatoes (need a geographic locator? see: lentil festival, neighboring license plate). I was ready to talk about the WSU Organic Farm, the WSU Creamery, the Moscow Food Co-Op, and the Moscow Farmer's Market.

But what happened? I got sick. I've been sick all week (see posts below). I haven't wanted to see or touch food, local or otherwise (and for several days I couldn't).

So, unless "One Local Summer" is expanded to include "One Local Summer of Powerade and Saltines," I'm not sure what I'll end up doing this first week. But I'll try something!