Tuesday, June 24, 2008

one change per week

That's what I've been doing the last three weeks or so. The first one was to stock my pantry/fridge with local foods and to get into a regular shopping routine as opposed to just running to the store willy-nilly when I ran out of something, as I have done for...well, ever.

The second thing I did was finally to switch from bottled water (I swear I recycled the bottles, but that doesn't mean all that manufacturing was a good thing to support to begin with) to filtered tap water in reusable bottles. I have several Nalgene and Camelbak bottles for hiking and what not, and they were going unused while I took the easy way out and just got bottled water. So finally I just got myself a Brita pitcher and keep the Nalgenes filled up/in the fridge. The Brita works really well—the filtered stuff doesn't taste like tap water at all (which I am sensitive to...I grew up with well water and anything citified, especially in California where it had a lot of chemicals in it, just made me nauseous.) Also, I'm saving a lot of money. Seems simple, but there are certain things I've really been lazy about and this is one of them.

The third thing I changed was that I finally went back to the gym. Getting back into a gym routine is really important for my physical and mental well-being. So, I forced myself to find time on Saturday morning, and then I went again on Monday morning. Until I clear out the rest of the pressing stuff I have to do, I'm aiming for every other day. That's a good start.

It felt good to go back again, except for the part where I didn't stretch all that well and my arms hurt. But in general it was a good thing to do.