Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a comment from an IRS agent on the phone today

Him: "You're the only person in America who knows that rule."

Me: (to myself: you can bet I know all the rules...better to be creative that way).

Of course, he wasn't entirely serious, but this particular thing is one of the more common things that people don't know and not-knowing gets them into trouble at crunch times.

Also, I'd like to note that I'm probably the only graduate student in America who doesn't qualify for a stimulus check. No matter—it would have been applied to my tax debt for 07 anyway. But it's still funny that I don't get one, and I don't get one because I have to work my former job and keep updating books in order to get royalties each month in order to pay the mortgage/HOA/taxes on the place in California, which I couldn't sell because the market tanked big time and thus I couldn't pay all the other stuff I planned to pay off before I went to grad school because I didn't have the profit from the sale.

I'm a little heartened by the fact that my Pullman-only expenses are totally paid for by my TA income, so if I didn't have all this other stuff (essentially, an entirely other household and life, even though I'm not living it) my original plan would have worked perfectly.

Would have.

Ok, enough about that. Didn't mean for it to get all money-dwelly. I really just thought the chat with the IRS agent was funny.