Wednesday, May 7, 2008

six weeks: all theory all the time

fun for the next six weeksSo A (my committee chair) says the other day something along the lines of "Hey, I want to read some theory. You want to read some theory?" and I said "Theory? Never have to ask me twice." or something like that. She wanted to read Baudrillard's The Conspiracy of Art and I wanted to read/re-read some McGann with someone, and we came up with the two Hayles books and the Landow book together.

I'm teaching during second session (starts June 16) and she's leaving town right before that, so we're doing our little reading thing over the next six weeks (tomorrow's the first meeting: Baudrillard first). Theory is way more fun when you're reading/talking about it with someone...and not in a pretentious or way but in a way that makes you want to just run right out afterwards and write or build something cool.