Friday, May 23, 2008

i'm a good reader!

I'll take any compliment in an academic setting, so "you read that so well! it was really easy to follow" and having people chuckle in all the right places == teh awesome. Come to think of it, I hope the chuckled-upon parts were all the right places, since it wasn't my paper...

But anyway, I got to Oakland and then to my friends' house in Los Altos, and then to SF the next day. It was good. Then I went to Oakland in the car and picked up Michelle, and we made it back to the hotel...and the wi-fi works and Travelocity is awesome because we got a great room at a great price.

Today we are off to the conference all day and then to really good dinner with my bestest pal. It's a little sad that bestest pal's partner (who ranks very high in my estimation as well) won't be there, but she's off being good mom with her son who is playing soccer in Oregon at the Manchester United Premier Cup on the Nike campus. That's a really good excuse for not having dinner with me. It's super prestigious.

I just woke Michelle up and we're off to the city shortly. She's some kind of crazy and doesn't do caffeine. I'm not sure how she survives.