Tuesday, April 22, 2008

out of sync

Not me—I think I'm ok. But I was just looking at my blogroll and realizing that it does not really reflect the things in my feedreader.

I hereby vow to update it soon. Like maybe next week. Or tomorrow. I don't really know!

I do know that I am entirely finished with two seminars (papers completed, turned in, etc), so only two more projects to finish up this/next week.

Right now, though, I have to grade the final papers in my class. I'll also do final grades because I'm one of those keep-a-spreadsheet-throughout-the-semester people. I also have to remember to get donuts for class tomorrow.

What else? Oh! If you're not on the blogroll and think you should be, let me know! Chances are good you're already in my feedreader, but that's not public. I'm bad at sharing the love right now.

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