Tuesday, April 15, 2008

GUEST POST: How New Person Became Theory Whore Became My School Wife

[FROM JULIE: Ok, this is from Michelle, who comments here. Everything in this post (except for this crap in the brackets) is from her. She'd like to say hi.]

Is this thing on? Ha! A little guest blog humor for you guys :)

Okee dokee then. Our fine blogger friend here at Battle of the Ants asked me to write a post describing how she became my school wife. In order to explain such a thing I have to begin at the beginning: August 2007. I entered the classroom of my most favorite professor in the whole wide world for my second graduate seminar with her. Off in the corner I notice a New Person. Now generally I am wary of New People. Especially in said professor's classroom, because very few are worthy to be in her presence. When we did our introductions New Person mentioned that she works in my time period (point for her!), but on white guys who liked to look at plants (minus 5! Ouch!). I resolved to keep an open mind anyway because I'm generous that way. Very quickly we developed a rapport and a realization that we had many things in common, including reverence for aforementioned professor (+10!). In this course we began working with theory immediately and somehow New Person became Theory Whore. I cannot take credit for this awesome nickname as I think it was a classmate who came up with it, but those of you that know Theory Whore know this is a perfect nickname for her! The semester went on and we hung out even more, discovering our mutual love of paratexts, gaps, and potatoes. Then break was upon us. Theory Whore came to my house and met the parents! And the home husband and kids! This is no small feat, as I live in a galaxy far far away and Theory Whore was the first school friend I had who ever ventured out into the Blank to come see my natural habitat.

Enter spring semester and another seminar together. Our first task as students: to interpret a fairy tale through a particular critical lens assigned to us. When I got the email from Theory Whore about the assignment it contained one simple line: I will fight you for textual studies. That cemented it for me! We continued to hang out, discovering more mutual loves: Joss Whedon, BSG (even though she is ridiculously disciplined and won't watch the current season because she "doesn’t have time because of all her school work" so I can't talk to her about all the new developments like how Starbuck is back and Baltar is seeing himself now instead of Six...Woops! Spoiler Alert!), and bumblebees (those well-known bringers of luck). I talked about Theory Whore often to House Husband who has a School Wife of his own. You see, he is a Special Ed teacher and has worked for two years with the same Aide. As there are weeks when he sees her more than me, we jokingly began calling her School Wife. A couple of weeks ago I was relating a Theory Whore anecdote to House Husband and his response was: "you know she's your School Wife now, right?" We had a good laugh, and then I went to school and told Theory Whore who also laughed and thought it was an awesome nickname and so it is official. I look forward to a long friendship with School Wife. Now I have a traveling companion to ALA and Yosemite and have been promised deep-fried Oreos. The best part? Those gap jokes never get old. :)