Tuesday, April 29, 2008

blogroll updated

Whew. Finally! There are a few things I don't have on my blogroll but are in my feedreader (such as news sites), but the 95 links do represent what I read. Now you all know why I rarely comment: I'm reading a lot. Well, that and the whole seminars, teaching, working, book-writing thing.

But the book-writing is wrapped up and the 4th edition of the frankenbook should be on shelves in June (I think that's the schedule...it's either June or July and there's always a promotion, so if you're in a Barnes & Noble and see my name on a book on an endcap, free free to nod knowingly).

The seminars are finished, save for a project due tomorrow and one due on Friday, but they're chugging along.

The teaching is finished until summer session II in mid-June.

The working will never end. But hey, that's life. At least I get a condo out of the deal.

In brief, perhaps now I will actually have time to comment on the blogs I read! How exciting!