Sunday, February 10, 2008

bookish meme

I think that in the past few months I've been tagged for a gazillion memes and have done exactly none of them. But I'll do this one because Derek tagged me and he's tech editing the latest edition of one of my books and thus I am somehow obligated to him. Ok, I'm not, actually, but I couldn't think of a better reason right now.

So! This is the "page 123" meme, in which you select the nearest book that contains more than 123 pages, then jump over the first five sentences, and then post the next three [Or, if you are like me and forgot the instructions just after typing them, you'll post the next five. I'm leaving it like this.]. Here are mine:
"Well, your husband is going out, and that will give us a chance to get things righted," said Thérèse encouragingly. "You know men are always in the way at such times."

"It's what he ought to done before; and left Suze and Minervy here," she replied with grudging acquiescence.

After repeated visits to the bedroom, under various pretexts, Fanny grew utterly incapable to do more than sit and gaze stupidly at Thérèse, who busied herself in bringing the confusion of the sitting-room into some order.

She continued to talk disjointedly at Belle Worthington and her well known tyrranical characteristics in regard to cleanliness; finishing by weeping mildly at the prospect of her own inability to ever reach the high standard required by her exacting friend.
This is from Kate Chopin's first novel, At Fault, which we will be discussing this week in my Transatlantic Naturalisms seminar. This is my favorite seminar of the semester, and my second-favorite of the seven seminars at WSU that I have under my belt (partially or entirely).

I'm supposed to tag people, but I can't remember who has or has not done this one, so...consider yourself tagged if you want to be.

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