Friday, December 28, 2007

so i had a bit of a scrabulous breakthrough yesterday

Anyone who has played Scrabulous with me on Facebook knows two things: 1) I have a shitty record and 2) I will always play, and I play often.

How shitty is my record, you ask? Through 124 completed games, I am 19 and 105. I am the Tampa Bay Devil Rays of Scrabulous. But I have not resorted to cheating to improve my record. Instead, I figured I'd wait it out and improve through the draft. Oh wait, that's the Devil Rays again. No, instead I tried this neat trick...

I read the rules.

You see, I have lost a considerable number of games within the last few plays (mostly to Billie, oddly enough). Then I lost a game yesterday to my nemesis after her last play, and I realized what I had been missing: the whole deduct-the-number-of-points-remaining-in-your-rack deal. Yeah. Never knew that. Read the rules. Now I'm good.

I have a strategy now! It consists of paying attention near the end of the game.

I've knocked off a few wins in a row, including one (soon to be two) against comebacknikki. I am still pretty sure I'll never beat Collin, and I'm never playing Derek because he is scary good. But everyone else? Bring it on!