Thursday, November 8, 2007

random notes from the car dealership

* No, I'm not getting a new car. I just always have my car serviced at the dealership. These days, the dealership is 73 miles from my house, so I had to wait for a "free" day to drive up to Spokane and park myself in the customer lounge. It's the 60,000 mile service and will be an all-day affair (or at least half a day). I have to say that I love the free coffee, the nice lounge with the broadband connection, and the little desk area. Also, the lack of other people is pretty cool. In California, it would be hustling and bustling and the WiFi connection would be overloaded and the coffee would be empty and then they'd still charge me a gazillion dollars. At least when they charge me a gazillion dollars today, I'll be happier about it.

* You will be hard-pressed to find a better 8 and 49 Scrabulous player on Facebook. I'm like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays of Scrabulous: not terribly sucky, wins a few against the Yankees, but loses a bunch of close games and winds up with a shitty record (see above). But I will always play, and with anyone. I think I'm a Scrabulous masochist.

* I had an awesome potential bingo in one of my games yesterday (with my nemesis, no less -- the one who takes great pleasure in beating me although she does it all the time so it's not really unexpected) but I couldn't play it anywhere! I held on to it for a few moves until it became apparent I really wouldn't be able to play it, and then let it go. It was "quixote." I couldn't even play the non-bingo version, which would still have rocked. Le sigh.

* I don't really have end-of-semester stress. I only have perhaps six hours of reading left, in total, and my two seminar papers are trucking along quite nicely (the other seminar is a portfolio of stuff we've been doing all semester, and my second drafts of those things do not require a lot of work).

* I will still have two sets of GenEd essays to grade, and that does kind of suck. But whatever. More on that later.

* My profs think I'm smart! Yay! More on that later.