Thursday, November 29, 2007

random bullets of crap

* I wonder what percentage of blog posts are titled with some variation of "random bullets of crap." 5? 10? A bunch, I am sure.

* I have a cat named Max. I have another cat, Mini, and I refer to her as "Min." With cats named Min and Max, you'd think I was in Math. I am not. And I have not renamed Deuce with some math-related name like "Median" or whatever.

* I am deeply grateful that Muir had decent handwriting, and that Robert Underwood Johnson took to dictating his letters (and thus they are typed) in 1890. Helen Hunt Jackson had really interesting, such that although I am not working on anything scholarly related to her, I grabbed images of her letters off microfilm just to have them around.

* I don't like personal drama. It is really tiring. And stupid.

* I like it when it snows and I can go out into the yard and try to figure out what all the little prints are...squirrel, bird, rabbit, cat, other.

* I only have two more weeks until this semester is in the books. It went by very quickly.

* I am not teaching freshman composition next semester. Instead, I am teaching Professional and Technical Writing (ESL version), which is for juniors/seniors. That's pretty cool.

* I did some work at a coffeeshop today, and I ran into one of our folks-on-the-market. She's super nice and smart, and I really hope she gets a job...or at least an interview. We have a few people on the market, and two in particular are just awesome and I want wonderful things to happen for them (such as interviews and offers!).

* We have good coffeeshops here for working—big tables, lamps, WiFi. There aren't many, but the ones we have are pretty great.

* I really dig the two seminar papers I'm working on. Well, I dig the topics/ideas. The papers are a little...drafty at this point.

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