Thursday, November 1, 2007

put a coat on, young man!

It was chilly this morning...maybe upper 30s? Something like that. I had to run up to campus and get some stuff from the bookstore (that's right, mom and dad, I'll finally mail your package!), and as I was getting back into my car I saw a guy walk on by wearing only a pair of running shorts and a thin t-shirt.

He did not appear overly red or frozen, and didn't have any sort of gruff aura around him, so I took the opportunity to joke: "Put a coat on, young man!" and he turned around and laughed...

"I'm from Alaska. This is nothing!"

Touché, my young friend. Touché.

[This story will appear ironic to those who know me in real life and from California and know I rarely wear a coat. In fact, it wouldn't be an outing with my friends to San Francisco without one of them (or her mom) chiding me for not wearing a coat.]