Saturday, November 24, 2007

funny thing i heard in a bar

I think about this exchange and it makes me laugh because it was just so incredibly lame.

I was sitting at a bar with a chum and some drunken fancies-himself-an-athlete kind of fellow (think of a stereotype and you'll get the picture) was talking himself up to...whomever could hear...and he says (in an attempt to make himself sound tough, I guess):

"I had Tommy John surgery. I had it on my shoulder."

At which point I leaned over to my chum and said, "Uh, Tommy John surgery is for your ulnar ligament. In your ELBOW. You can't have it on your shoulder. What an idiot."

Seriously. Even if you're drunk you shouldn't say stupid crap like that. You just look really...stupid. And lame.

But funny!