Saturday, October 27, 2007

update on the new kitty

Let's face it: talking about Mini the new kitty in the house is way more interesting than me blathering on about how my program is teh awesome and my friends here are supercool (but it is and they are).

So. Mini likes it here. She spends equal time in her space, our space, and group space; she spends the bulk of her time on top of a box in the bedroom closet (the door is open and there's a little towel/cushion sort of thing on top of the box, so it's not like she's hiding out -- it's a cool place to be), but when I walk in the bedroom she jumps up on the bed and we have pet-and-comb-the-longhair-cat time. She loves to sit on pillows. Who wouldn't? She also wanders out into the living room and hangs out with the rest of us in the evening. Max will sit on the couch, Deuce on the chair, and Mini on the table between the two.

The three of them still don't play together, but it's cool. They spent some time bonding together this morning, when I ran the vacuum and they all scurried away into the bathroom.

Her favorite toy is a catnip-filled stuffed carrot. It used to be Deuce's favorite, so hopefully they'll bond over their mutual love of the carrot. If not, no worries. Everyone is happy.