Monday, October 15, 2007

seminars: two thumbs up!

I am taking three seminars this semester, and my feelings about them range from "can tolerate perfectly well" to "prof is a rockstar and I'd like to hear more from her" to "I'm very much in love with this topic and it will be an exam area and I really can't get enough of it."

So that's good.

I find it hilarious (I'm a simple-minded person, remember) that on any given day in my comp theory/pedagogy class our prof will give us an assignment adapted from someone or another, or an article to read by someone or another, and I chuckle to myself and think something like "Yes, this is a lovely example of how to teach summary, and it sure is a bummer her team lost that game." Or, "Indeed, he is very wise, and I've long valued his posts on navigating the treacherous waters of academe."

I chuckle to myself a lot about these things. I'll continue to do so on a weekly basis next semester, when I'm taking a seminar from someone who is a good friend of one of my favorite bloggers [you know who you are, bloggy buddy!].