Sunday, October 14, 2007


Kamiak Butte 10/07Although I was thwarted in my attempt yesterday, with one day remaining in the weekend I decided to try again. Apparently, we're in the "winter hours" time and so Kamiak Butte County Park is not open until 8am (instead of 7am). Now I know.

As you can see in this photo, it was a beautiful autumn morning. Contrast this with the first time I went there, when it was a beautiful summer morning, and you'll see that, well, it's just pretty all the time.

I didn't do the full 3.5 mile loop; I just did a quick trip up and back down, so only a mile. I was going to do the loop but when I was sitting at the top (thank you, providers-of-benches!) I thought of a bunch of scholarly stuff and wanted to get back home so I could get it all out on paper before I forgot. No, I didn't have a notebook. That would have been too easy.

Note to self: you always have good scholarly thoughts when you go out into nature. Bring a damn notebook!