Saturday, September 15, 2007

wsu r/c and 4Cs

I thought I'd left the world of acronyms behind when I left the tech field. But no!

Wednesday was a good day in the English Dept building* at WSU as notices of 4Cs acceptances just kept coming and coming and coming...I think at least ten or twelve of our grad students are going (and we only have seventy or so in both r/c and literature combined).

I've only been here for a quarter of a semester, but I've made a lot of friends who are rhet/comp people. When I applied to schools, choosing between r/c and literature was a difficult decision since I really dig both. Heck, I think most of my bloggy buddies are r/c folks! I chose WSU because I could do literature but still take advantage of all the r/c goodness that we have here—and people are good about it, teasing me and poking fun rather than being all protective and weird about their space. Some of them try to pull me over to the Other Side, such as our comp director who said I should just stay after four years and do another PhD. Ha ha! Ahem.

Anyway, the point is that I really really like our r/c people and I am enormously proud of those who are going off to New Orleans in April. It does my heart good to see so many newish members of academia walking around displaying unmitigated joy at the thought of being a participant at their first significant professional conference. They're all very cool people trying to do very cool things, and they dig their students.

So if you all see a bunch of happy young people from the Pacific NW at 4Cs, those would be my new friends. How lucky am I?

* Avery Hall, home of the English Dept AND the Military Science Dept. Go figure. My office is on the floor with the ROTC folks. They're very polite, and when we ride the elevator together I feel very safe. But it's still strange. English and Military Science.