Wednesday, September 12, 2007

tempus fugit

I'd love to write the posts I said I'd write, because I find some things very interesting and I just want to share something relatively interesting with you all. But DAMN am I busy! This week has the added bonus of 110 World Civ essays that need to be graded.

So instead of discussing any of the lovely things I wanted to discuss, I will leave you with this tip:

Coffee does not magically brew itself just because the water is near the coffeemaker and the machine is turned on. Instead, you must actually pour the water from the pot into the maker, else it will spit and steam and hiss but no coffee will appear.

Amazing, I know!

Also necessary: putting coffee in the filter. Basically, when I made coffee this morning I made it entirely incorrectly. Couldn't have been further away from correct.

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