Tuesday, September 4, 2007

sports-loving grad students

Many people in my program also love sports. That's probably not unusual, but what is unusual is that we all freely admit it and it's ok. It doesn't make us less intelligent or serious or scholarly to admit to liking football (or baseball or basketball or soccer). Except for the occasional posts from Collin, Derek, and Billie, I don't recall reading much about team sports and rooting for same. I know the comments sure pop up when sports are mentioned, but not so much with the individual posts, and some of us are in pick 'em pools on Facebook and the like. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places for academic-bloggers-who-talk-about-sports-too. More likely, my memory is crappy and there are tons of you who write about such things and I've just forgotten. Sorry!


One of my new school chums is in the process of visiting all the major league baseball parks—I think she has eighteen under her belt. During the first week of classes we were killing time in her office and ended up talking for well over an hour about baseball before we switched over to something like Henry James or how to teach FYC.

Then there's the softball team. We're part of an actual intramural league, with rules and tournaments and everything!

But most of all, there's football. I had at least five or six conversations last week, with different people, all about the upcoming college and pro season. Not just "Go Cougs" but thoughtful insights on various players and teams. Sigh. So wonderful.

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