Saturday, September 1, 2007

football season

I am very very very very very happy that it is football season. I am always happy to see football season roll around, but this year I'm even happier because it's been rough rooting for Giants baseball this spring/summer.

Then again, I am now morally obligated to root for the WSU Cougars (go cougs!) and they're not exactly poised to win the conference. But I will root for them nonetheless, such as today when they are playing Sara's team, Wisconsin. The next two games (home) should produce wins, but then we go to USC. Hmmm. I predict WSU will win six games overall. That's bowl eligible, baby!

A few fun facts: I walk past Martin Stadium almost every day. I can see the very tops of the lights from my living room. Next to the stadium are the 50-yard practice fields, and I've walked past football practice a few times. It's pretty cool. The practice fields are between the stadium and the library; the study carrels on the third floor of the library offer a spectacular view of the game!

I still care about my alma mater and will also root for SJSU (go spartans!). I predict they will win seven or eight games. Then there's Penn State, the school near my hometown. I was raised a Penn State fan. I took a few classes there and I care about how they do, so I root for them as well. Go Nittany Lions! I think they have a good chance to run the table, but I'll go conservative and say they'll go 10-2.

I am pleased that none of my teams play each other this year. Whew! That could get rough.