Wednesday, August 15, 2007

why i love mccovey chronicles, part 5748

This will be of no interest to any of you unless you're into baseball, reading about baseball, and/or the SF Giants. I think that excludes just about all of you!

Anyway, McCovey Chronicles is a group blog/online community that discusses any and all things Giants-related. It's part of the Sports Nation network, so there's probably a similar blog for your favorite team.

What makes reading McCC a bright spot in my day? The people. The Man in Charge is a talented fellow named Grant; I thought highly of him even before I knew he went back to school for creative writing at my alma mater. I've probably walked by him in the halls and never knew it. Go Spartans! But the community of people who comment on posts is just top-notch. Geeky. Nerdy. Pretty darn smart. For instance, the comments on a totally innocuous post about a draft pick finally signing with the team turned into a 70+ entry thread of puns on players' names from the minor league system.

It's one of those "had to be there" moments, I'm sure. I'm just saying that it's a welcome change from the typical juvenile comments that litter so many sports sites (have you ever seen the ESPN forums? talk about wanting to spork your eyes out. gah.).