Friday, August 17, 2007

thank you, jeebus!

From: San Jose State University
Term: Summer 2007
Reason: Graduation Awarded
Department: Graduate Studies & Research

Congratulations! Your master's degree has been officially posted on our records for the term listed above. Your diploma will be mailed to you shortly (if you arranged for an alternate method of delivery this will be done). If you do not receive your diploma after 6 weeks please contact our office.
Some of you may recall that until, oh, a few hours ago, I didn't actually have my MA. Since I couldn't meet the thesis deadline for Spring graduation (April 1st!), I pushed it into the summer (with the blessing of my new school).

Thanks to the help of my wonderful school chum and frequent comment-leaver, Mary, all the administrative crap having to do with my thesis was handled via the post office and her trips to campus. Yay Mary! Yay my thesis committee! Yay me!

Now I can start my PhD program for reals, knowing that the previous degree is actually on my transcript...