Wednesday, August 1, 2007

really good risotto. must love beets.

Beet and Beet Greens Risotto with Red Wine
Originally uploaded by peskymac.
Mac first mentioned this recipe in passing and then went ahead and made it, with great success. I love beets. Love love love them. I also love risotto. It seemed like the perfect recipe, but I was scared. What if it sucked? Would I lose my love for beets? Or, god forbid, risotto??

So I decided to wait until Mac made it. She did, and took the photo you see in this post. I then decided it was so pretty that I just had to make it. I went to the farmer's market this past Saturday and bought some beets—hefty beets with lovely greens attached, just out of the ground, so much better than the wee little beets with the wilted greens that I see in the grocery stores.

I made the dish. It had an incredible smell as it was cooking that I was willing it to be done so I could finally have some. When I did, I was surprised—I didn't know beet stems and greens were so tasty! The little dollop of horseradish really makes the dish work. It would be just fine without it (all beety and such), but the horseradish kick, when worked into the rest of the dish, really brings forth the taste of the individual components. Mmmm mmm good.

Must like beets.