Friday, August 17, 2007

random bullets of orientation and stuff

* I'm just happy that we had an orientation. Two, in fact: stuff for the grad school in general and stuff for the department. I went to a few hours of the general grad school orientation; I only needed to get the skinny on health insurance (short answer: I have it and it's free for me) because much of the rest wasn't applicable to me. But the two days of department-specific orientation and free food? pretty darn cool.

* I know the names of just about everyone in my cohort. There are twelve MA students and five PhD folks. Four men (all MA) and thirteen women. The MA folks all appear traditional-aged, so that's what..23? The PhD folks are my age (33) or older, with the exception of one who is of a typical age. In fact, I think I'm the next-youngest of five our of the PhD group. One woman is my mother's age. She's in rhet/comp and did her MA here. She started late because she had to get her nine kids into/through college. Nine. Damn.

* The SJSU English Dept did not have an orientation. I just wrote and erased and wrote and erased several more sentences on the topic. I think I'll just leave it at that. But I will say that every time we did something in orientation here, I'd email Mary (who is still in the program) and Trout (finished) and say things like "you're not going to believe the awesome and efficient thing that was done today!" It's really the little things in life...such as mailboxes...that make a difference.

* So far, no one has been a jerk. Not even remotely. It's a little disconcerting. But cool.

* Cakeloquium. "Because what's better than cake and scholarly presentations? Nothing." so says the pres of the grad org. I concur. I also think it is really funny.

* There's a new students drinking event tonight. It's at 9pm. I'm asleep at 9pm. I think I'll solidify my position as class lame-o early on in my time here.

* I'm just a little bit in love with the writing center here, for a number of reasons. It might have something to do with the fact that it's an established writing center, the people seem great, I can pick up extra money there, and I can do stuff in the summers. No bullshit, no crazy administrative nonsense, the university supports it wholeheartedly...again, so unlike my previous school, the one that didn't have a writing center until a semester ago.

* Nice library. Really funny librarian. I was one of the only people who laughed at the librarian humor, but it was really funny...

* Classes start on Monday. I just can't wait.