Sunday, August 12, 2007

finally got rid of that stinking houseguest...

...I kid! I kid! She's not stinky. Sure, she puts the paper towels upside down on the roll, but no one's perfect.

My school chum Mary came up here for some R&R before the semester starts for all of us. She confirms that people here are friendly and folks in administrative positions are shockingly efficient, and that this is a relaxing place to live.

We drove around a bunch, walked around in nature, saw fourteen deer in one day, ate a lot of food (unrelated to the deer), saw The Simpsons Movie (second time for both of us), sang "Spider-Pig" a lot because good luck getting it out of your head once it's stuck there, went to the market and bought artisan soap (among other things), looked over her syllabus (first! one! ever!) and futzed with the schedule, and drank a lot of coffee. My skittish cat was very brave and at one point even let Mary pet her!

In all our traipsing around, we narrowly avoided several accidents and wildfires. One day, we were coming back from Palouse Falls and had to be back at a specific time (a work thing). Found out a few hours later that we made it through the one main road just before an accident+grass fire shut down that road into town. One day, we were diverted on the main road to Moscow because a grain silo was in the process of burning to the ground. On the way to Spokane, three grass fires were burning just a few miles from where we had been the previous day. And I thought California had its issues! It really needs to rain. It has rained all of thirty drops or so since I've been here, and I've been here for six weeks.

Next week is filled with orientation stuff for me, and then classes start the following week. It'll be good to get back into the student groove!