Monday, August 6, 2007

Chart of Presidential Candidates' Positions

Via Boing Boing: A Quick & Easy Chart of Presidential Candidates' Positions, followed by a link to a questionnaire that helps you find your ideal candidate. Of course, this is a pure numbers game and doesn't take into consideration the vast gray areas and incremental weighting of issues that actual humans do when making decisions.

It definitely produces a quick and easy guideline, although anyone who can answer the questionnaire for themselves probably already has an idea in their head about who they're going to vote for in the primary.

My results follow [more points = more agreement].

Kucinich [D] 49
Gravel [D] 42
Obama [D] 34
Edwards [D] 31
Clinton [D] 31
Richardson [D] 30
Dodd [D] 28
Biden [D] 27
Paul [R] -1
Giuliani [R] -4
McCain [R] -11
Thompson [R] -16
Cox [R] -21
Brownback [R] -29
Huckabee [R] -35
Tancredo [R] -41
Romney [R] -42
Hunter [R] -46

Color me unsurprised on my personal results. What is surprising, to both me and the site creator, is the overall Kucinich results:
You would probably be interested to know that Kucinich has been the first choice of 37813 people (out of 70791). That wasn't my intention or expectation when making this site, but it is certainly interesting.
Expect the numbers to skew as more people use it (it has been BoingBoinged, after all. Keep track of the stats here.