Thursday, July 19, 2007

shakespeare people: go talk to my friend jim

My buddy Jim ruminates on literature and language way too much for a guy who says he's going to law school instead of into a PhD program. He also blogs these things, but since his online persona is a hell of a lot more shy than his real life persona, he doesn't get a lot of traffic or blog comments.

So, while my stupid posts on things like rain and food and driving a long way get lots of eyeballs and comments, his posts on Othello and Lear go unnoticed and that's a tragedy. [heh, get it? tragedy? ha.]

I admit that I feel like an impostor sometimes, as I'm the one studying literature but I haven't really written about the stuff I work on and when I do it's not some brilliant piece of prose, but he just pops off with these ruminations as "just" a regular guy.

Jackass. :)