Sunday, June 3, 2007

gone hikin'

The penultimate thesis draft is due tomorrow and I am going on a short hike.

But it's ok because my thesis adviser told me to!

You see, my chapters are currently without decent titles ("all Muir all the time," "Emerson and Muir," and "Thoreau and Muir" are the scribbled draft titles and no I'm not keeping them). I told my adviser that perhaps they would come to me in a dream. He said, "or perhaps on a hike?"

What a splendid idea! So I'm off with my school chum Mary and her husband to Los Trancos to do a short hike that I wanted to make sure I did before I left's a hike along the San Andreas Fault.

With my luck, The Big One will hit while I'm standing on it.

I'd settle for nature-inspired chapter titles...

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