Friday, June 15, 2007

duckies, home improvement, and moving

Since I'm in flux, I don't have many brain cells available for long and insightful posts. The way I figure it, the internets will be here when I have two brain cells to rub together.

In the meantime, let me give you a duckie update. This is mostly for Karen, wife of Trout. THEY'RE FINE. All seven of them have reached the duckling equivalent of teenager: they're gangly, have tufts in strange places, and they don't listen to their mom all that much. But all seven are still alive.

On the home improvement front, it's almost all done. Flooring guy is finishing his work today. Everything looks really nice. I get to live in a nice place for two whole weeks. When the house is on the market, I'll link to the MLS Listings page so you all (my parents) can see what it looked like in the end (and how crazy prices are in California).

Moving. It'll be soon. Have to get the cats to the vet sometime before then so I can get health certificates and tranquilizers. Right this moment they're sitting quietly in their carriers since the flooring guy is here and the door is wide open most of the time. While Max (old guy) would likely just sit on my desk and sleep all day, and Deuce (youngster) would stay under the bed, I prefer not to take the chance that one of them would get a wild hair and bolt. So in the carriers they went. Deuce went without much fuss at all. It was a sneak attack. She'll be pissed later, I'm sure.

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