Friday, May 18, 2007

quack quack quack quack quack (ad infinitum)

fast little suckersSome ducklings have hatched. Seven, in fact.

I know this because of the incessant quacking from my pond for the last five hours.

The mama duck is taking her young'uns all around the pond, introducing them to the nooks and crannies and the safe places to hide from the neighborhood cats and BIG SWOOPY RED-TAILED HAWKS.

mama 'n' young'unsHow do I know there are red-tailed hawks in the trees here? Because I just saw one swoop over the duck family. The mama duck is trying to quack it away right at this moment.

I watched the hawk swoop down, and the mama got in its way so the little ones stayed safe.

For that moment, at least.

dervish ducksI should note that the male ducks are not being all that helpful.

Sure, one is hanging out with his family, but he's not being terribly protective.

It'll be a stressful time, trying to raise up these ducks.

The mama is teaching them to stay close, but they're fast little suckers as seen in these few photos I snapped this morning.

They finally stayed put for a second...and then they were off.