Tuesday, May 15, 2007

last day of class

students working hard for extra creditToday was the last class I'll ever teach at SJSU (barring some strange twist of fate in which I earn my PhD and come back). In this photo [click to embiggen], we see students hard at work on what was supposed to be a really easy 25-matching-items extra credit test-like thing. The highest score was a 23! As you can see in the photo, they were all really concentrating...it was kind of funny!

I honestly didn't think many people would show up (the final exam was on Saturday), despite the extra credit test-like thing and the free doughnuts. But all except a few showed up. Hooray!

I don't blame the ones who didn't. It's lame to have the final exam and then still one more class period. That's just the way we do it here for this class (and 1B) because of the way the final is given (to everyone) and graded (holistic scoring in a day-long extravaganza before exam week really begins).

Holistic grading day is tomorrow. My responsibilities as a teacher will end after tomorrow's fun and then an hour or so on Friday (I hope) when I drop their grades into my Super Awesome Grading Spreadsheet, get the results, put them all into the PeopleSoft system, and email the students with their exam and class grades.

I'm a little sad.

Sadness is mitigated by the thesis and language exam looming over me.